During an illness recently i noticed how much my health imporved incremently and largely due to the power of naps.  By this i mean that after a ‘nap’ during the day my health would improve by a noticeable notch.  Ordinary sleep didn’t seem to have the same effect.  This is a much overlooked process, completely ignored in our culture.  Day time sleeping is viewed as ‘lazy’ and ‘weak’ by many.  An example of ‘giving in’ and not fighting fatigue.  Unfortuately, fighting fatigue is dangerous, a process which can shorten life.  When we are severely fatigued we are in danger of using up an excess amount of our limited inborn energy.  When our inborn energy has gone we die.  So conserving it is critical.  By ignoring the urge to nap we expend more inborn energy than is necessary.  The opposite is true, by napping we are able to replenish and conserve our inborn energy and facilitate the healing process.  All goes to show how much we can learn from illness, hopefully so we can avoid repeating our mistakes.