The Menopause does not need to be the negative experience we associate it with. Only in the West where beauty and youth are idolised does the Menopause appear to cause so many problems. The Chinese view the Menopause as a gateway into a new life.

Hormones are not produced in large amounts any more and there isn’t the cyclical rise and fall of hormones throughout the month. Although you cannot have children any more, you also lose the roller coaster ride of oestrogen and progesterone throughout the month. As a result a new inner peace can be found, a steadiness and calm not felt since childhood.

Now a wonderful opportunity opens up to us, to live like a child with the experience of a lifetime. Many of us have completed the wonderful experience of having children and now we move on to another exciting phase of lifework, new passions, discovery and sharing.

If we take good care of our health especially in our 40s we don’t have to experience

physical problems at the Menopause. If you have problems with your menstrual cycle such as irregular periods, painful periods or PMT it is very important to correct these with Chinese medicine before the beginning of the Menopause. If your menstrual cycle is good and your health is good you shouldn’t experience any problems due to the Menopause.

Western medicine treatments such as HRT do not cure Menopausal health problems, they cover them up by forcing the body to carry on menstruating at a time of life when the body is meant to conserve the energy used in menstruation to prolong life.

So many things in modern life are viewed negatively. We need to start looking at life differently and see that Nature is with us, not against us.