Health needs to be worked at and so too does the Menopause.  The Menopause is a transition from the childbearing years into a time of spiritual development.  In the West the Menopause is considered an illness and an all round bad thing.  The Menopause actually is a reflection of a woman’s health at the age of transition.  If a womna’s health is poor in her 40’s then the menopause will be a problem, but if these health problems are addressed before the age of 50, a woman should have an uneventful menopause.  I have also noticed that women who have had children in their 40’s can struggle with fatigue and health problems even earlier than others.

The Chinese look at the Menopause as a gateway when health can get better or worse.  Ageing is viewed as a negative in the West, with our obsession with youth, power and attractiveness.  This misses the point, becaue of our lack of spiritual understanding.  The Menopause is like puberty backwards, a gateway into a second childhood without raging hormones and other distractions.  But this time you might have aquired some wisdom and knowledge along the way.  If so, a spiritual adventure can begin, where we focus on our gifts and our contribution to the world.