IVF was originally designed for people struggling to get pregnant due to structual problems such as tubal obstruction.  It has now become the treatment of choice for all fertility problems.  I believe that a majority of people don’t need to use IVF and can get pregnant using Chinese medicine instead, wihtout the side effects and unknown long term effects of powerfully stimulating the ovaries during IVF.

Most fertility problems are caused by an imbalance in the body, not by structural problems.  When these imbalances are corrected, pregnancy usually follows.  Most fertility problems are caused by poor blood flow to the uterus, inflammation in the body or a low metabolism.  Chinese medicine can readily address all these problems without dangerous side effects. The process of encouraging greater health also promotes a healthier pregnancy and a healthier baby.  Forcing the body into pregnancy without dealing with underlying health problems can contribute to ill health in pregnancy, which has it’s own long term effects.  There is also evidence from studies in Australia that Chinese medicine is more successful at helping couples to conceive and give birth to babies than IVF.  My own experience with treating fertility in Sheffield bears out these findings.