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Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine has several different healing methods which can help improve health. It’s based on the idea of Qi ( pronounced Chee ) or vital energy.  Qi keeps us alive and well.  It is the animating force for all life in the universe.  We can describe qi in modern terms as the bioelectricity which powers our bodies.  Acupuncture and Chinese medicine have been used safely for thousands of years.  Chinese medicine treatment can help activate your body’s natural healing ability by increasing and balancing your qi.



In the body, qi flows through invisible energy pathways called meridians and it activates, warms and nourishes our body.  When there is a blockage in the meridians, qi cannot flow freely and illness is the result.  Acupuncture needles are used to relieve energy blockages along the meridians to help the flow of qi.  Organ function can also be readjusted by acupuncture to restore internal balance and harmony among our organs.  Energy acupuncture requires deep insight into the cause of health problems and in order to identify which organs have been affected.  It is the understanding, skill and energy level of the practitioner which makes acupuncture work.

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Herbal Medicine

Chinese medicine has used herbal medicine as a way of healing the body for thousands of years.  The Chinese have identified and classified the properties of thousands of herbs and have learnt how they work to heal the body.  Chinese medicine uses herbs in a unique way.  In a formula the individual herbs bind together to make a substance which is much more powerful than the individual parts.  Different herbs have a specific role to play in the healing process, addressing different objectives and directing the formula to a specific part of the body.

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Food Therapy

Food has a powerful healing energy.  The Chinese have studied the healing power of foods for thousands of years.  Chinese medicine believes that foods have a specific healing essence which work in the body at the energy level.   You are encouraged to try specific foods which help to heal particular organs which are out of balance or in need of healing support.  This is different from the western understanding of food, such as knowledge of vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates. Different organs of the body reach their peak of activity in different seasons.  For example the Liver is most active during the Spring.  So during the Spring it is a good idea to nourish the Liver with foods that naturally help to heal the Liver organ, such as green leafy vegetables.

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Qi, The Energy of the Universe

Qi permeates the human body.  Everything is made from energy, even modern physics agrees with this idea.  When science looks into the building blocks of life, it finds energy and large amounts of space.  Nothing is as solid as it seems.  The basic building blocks of everything in nature, including our own bodies is made from energy.

Energy or Qi is at the very heart of Chinese medicine.  Through thousands of years of direct observation and experience of Qi, Chinese medicine has developed a great understanding of Qi and how it moves and functions in the body.  This understanding makes Chinese medicine such a successful healing system.

Qi allows all things to comunicate with each other.  Qi carries information which helps to connect all things in nature and helps our bodies to circulate information in our meridians.

Qi promotes health and healing.  Without it there can be no growth and no change.  When we die, Qi leaves the body and is transformed.  Viewed from the Chinese perspective, health problems are always fluid, as long as the body has Qi, it still has the potential for healing.

Energy flows continuously through the meridians.   Meridians also transfer information between our different organs.  When Qi flows freely we will be in a good state of health.  When Qi stops flowing properly through our meridians and organs we will start to feel unwell.  The smooth flow of energy around the body is particularly affected by stress.

An important part of Chinese medicine is to help us look at our lives and see how things might not be working well and therefore creating health issues for us.  For most people this is a process which happens over time.  From the Chinese medicine perspective there is no point continually treating symptoms which are caused by emotions, patterns of thought, belief sytems or a lifestyle which is out of balance.   It is better to try and understand and change the root cause of our problems.

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The Development of Disease.

Every health issue has a root cause.  Most health problems begin at the level of energy.  Before a health issue becomes obvious, there has to be a disturbance or imbalance at the energy level.

When we are healthy we are not aware of any symptoms.  At this point our Qi is balanced and healthy.

When we start to feel unwell, it is usually at the energy level that our health problems exist.  At this point you may start to feel vague discomfort and symptoms.

At a later stage, our internal organs start to show signs of an energy dysfunction and they stop communicating properly with each other.  Symptoms become more prominent and uncomfortable, at this point health problems will not show up on standard medical tests because these tests cannot pick up problems at the level of energy.  This is known as a function disorder.

At the last level, the function disorder has now developed into a physical problem which will show up on medical tests.

From the Chinese perspective, everything happens for a reason.  When we find ourselves in the midst of  a healing crisis we can choose to see it as a path towards our own healing and growth, rather than an inconvenience or obstacle in our way.  The body/mind/spirit has wisdom.  If you are not living your life in a way which is reflecting your life’s mission and spiritual purpose, your body can start to produce symptoms in order to try and initiate positive change in your life.

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‘I have a punishing work schedule and before I started having regular acupuncture and herbal prescriptions I was frequently suffering from bronchitis and asthma attacks.  My sickness record is now better than any one else’s at work and I have lots of energy to deal with all the demands I have.’
‘I found out just before Christmas that i am pregnant.  Thank you for all your help.
‘Found the process of acupuncture very relaxing.  It helped significantly with the stress of quitting smoking.  It also helped to change attitude and mentality with regards to smoking.  After the first session my smoking was cut down to almost nothing, after two, I felt confident that I could quit.  If you want to quit, this treatment is very good at providing you with the extra support.’

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